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Press release

A Gaithersburg Design company with a unique relationship to the community and companies abroad has just established itself.  RÍve Media a business which can meet the needs of various types of clientele, from community organizations and local small businesses to companies of international magnitude, without sacrificing on any level its commitment to their individual needs.

RÍve Media is a dual organization, both profit and non-profit. RÍve Media supports the Internet as a viable avenue for the diversification and dissemination of information for business, and also as means to promote causes of social purport. As a community organization Kerron Riley has donated numerous hours to the development of web-sites which supply the community with important information. Sites of such multiple orientations as: theWashington Chiefs, Compusnet, Power web, and the Employee Assistance Program.

RÍve Media, "It is critical to have a well organized web-site with a charismatic presentation, unconditionally."

Kerron Riley has long been committed to the production of quality, and takes pride in helping the  community and community at large. RÍve Media group is located at 405 East Gude Drive, Suite 1 Rockville, MD 20850. Their hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and can be found on the Internet located at RÍve Media wishes to remain a positive force in the community while creating a business which will aid in the media development of businesses here and around the world.