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Some of the many  key players on the  RÍve Media Team. Our talents are many, and together we get reved up and do some winning work.
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Kerron P. Riley  has been studying design for the last five years and is on his way on becoming a prominent  figure in the Architectural  Web Design arena. In the months that follow he has been assigned to reshape thirty-five non-profit websites in the hopes they will be able to use this new online technology for the better
of the community.

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Andre Saliba addresses our need as an information architect. His degree in Engineering Sciences helps him strategize e-components and diagramming systems. He paves the way for the construction of higher level sites.
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Nathan Mendelson surprises the rest of the team daily with his creative thinking. Most of the time it seems he's talking in a totally different language, analytical might be his middle name and contreposto he is not. "Let's think metaphore here guy's!" is his adage.
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